About KSSM

Krewe of the Southshore Marauders

P.O. Box  1916 

Riverview, FL  33568-1916

The Krewe of the South Shore Marauders is a band of mischievous misfits bound together by friendship and camaraderie. We are involved in our community by working with charitable organizations and raising money for our scholarship foundation.

Description: Founded in 2002, KSSM is a non-profit organization dedicated to fun, fellowship, and raising awareness of local issues in Hillsborough County.

Mascot: The West Indies Manatee

​Costumes: Pirate themed with rich brocades and silks embellished with blue, silver, and black of unique individual designs.

Purpose: To promote goodwill and service to not only the South Shore community, but the entire Tampa Bay area. Our Krewe is a band of fun loving, civic minded, environmentally conscientious individuals whose mission is one of common good to all, loyalty, trustworthy fellowship and mutual camaraderie.

We raise awareness of local issues and support numerous charitable events and organizations. Through our 501(C)(3) foundation, we provide scholarships to deserving students at local high schools. We support local charitable causes such as the Ruskin Seafood Festival, Coastal Clean-up, The Angelman's Syndrome Foundation, and the Breast Cancer Walk, among many other others.